our boarding terms

Boarding Terms & Conditions

I/we hereby request Tullamarine Cat Boarding (herein known as T.C.B.) of 4/57 Sharps Road, Tullamarine to board the above animal/s and I/we agree to the following conditions:

  • I/we declare that I am/we are the legal owner/s or authorised guardian/s of the animal/s described in this admission form.
  • It is a minimum requirement of TCB that all cats have a current F3 vaccination and proof of worming and flea treatments as a condition of entry.  All cats F3 vaccinations must be current prior to being admitted to boarding. I/we acknowledge that if my/our pet has no proof of being treated for fleas (in the last month) and worms (in the last 3 months), T.C.B. will administer flea and worm treatment upon admission.  I/we understand, and agree to pay any additional costs that would be incurred by me/us in this situation.  
  • I also authorise that if my cats vaccination falls due whilst boarding at T.C.B. then T.C.B. will organise to have the mobile vet visit to administer my cats booster and any costs will be incurred by me/us.
  • T.C.B. reserves the right to refuse entry. T.C.B. will not accept cats who present with a contagious illness. Any cat that presents with a contagious illness while in T.C.B’s care, may be transported offsite to owners own veterinarian or a T.C.B. nominated Vet Clinic, or housed in T.C.B’s isolation room where it will be seen to by a mobile veterinarian and cared for until owner’s return. All costs will be at the owners expense. T.C.B. are not able to admit any entire cats; or kittens less than 12 weeks of age.
  • T.C.B. reserves the right to make condo changes/relocate your cat if required for cat comfort or operational requirements.
  • I/We agree to pay any reasonable additional costs incurred during the time the cat is boarding with T.C.B. and understand that this payment is required and due payable at the time of pick up/check out from boarding.  This includes but is not limited to veterinary costs, food, transportation, flea treatments, isolation costs, evacuation costs, damage caused to facility by pet, debt recovery etc.
  • I/we agree to pick up my pet at the agreed date and time. If you wish to extend your boarding/pet minding time of stay, this will need to be agreed with T.C.B, or your emergency contact will need to pick up your cat. Failure to do so will result in the animal/s being classified as “an abandoned animal” and will be required to be admitted to a pound facility and held for 8 days and remain the property of the pound.  I have read and understand that this will be followed in accordance to the Domestic Animals Act Part 5.
  • I/we acknowledge that T.C.B. provides a high standard of care, however neither T.C.B. or its staff will be held liable for any misfortunes such as an accident, escape, contagious or terminal illnesses especially cat flu, death, loss or theft of property or any other related damages.
  • I/we acknowledge that T.C.B. will be not be liable for veterinary costs post boarding, or for any other costs, for any reasons that may be perceived to have been acquired whilst boarding.
  • I/we authorise T.C.B. to engage a veterinarian for the care of my pet if T.C.B. consider this necessary and I/we agree to pay the cost of any such veterinary expenses.  This includes, but is not limited to transportation charges of $35 per day as well as time at the veterinary clinic $45 per hour.
  • I/we authorise all health and medical records to be revealed if required by T.C.B. this includes the cat’s health status in the care of any Veterinary Clinic.
  • For owners boarding two or more cats that live together, I/we give permission to allow my cats to be housed together in the one enclosure?  Yes   /   No .      I/we understand that sometimes, even cats from the same household do not get along well together in an environment different to their home.  If the cats that are housed together do not get along together they will be separated and moved to 2 single cages.  I/we understand this may incur additional charges.
  • Fees are per day and are current at the time of booking but maybe subject to change without notice.  A $50 or 50% deposit (whichever is greater) is required at the time of booking.  Remaining fees are due payable upon admission.

            * a $5 surcharge per night applies to all peak periods.

            Peak periods are:

            – all public holidays

            – long weekends (4 day minimum stay)
            – Easter (4 day minimum stay)

            – Christmas school holiday period (7 day minimum stay)

            Other services that would incur fees:

        • Flea or worm treatment
        • Isolation costs – per day
        • Medication Management (must be pre-approved by T.C.B)
        • After Hours Check In or Check Out

            *please refer to our website for current fees


  • I/we acknowledge that by choosing to board our cat/s at TCB, we accept TCB’s current terms and conditions
  • I/we acknowledge that TCB requires a minimum of 21 days notice for any cancellations. If less than 21 days notice is given regarding cancellation, all deposits will be forfeited.  If greater than 21 days notice is given regarding cancellation, then the deposit will be refunded less a $40 booking fee.  No refunds will be given for early collection of pets.
  • I/we give permission for photos to be posted to TCB website and social media platforms
  • I/we acknowledge that, subject to alteration by TCB, these conditions shall apply each time pets are admitted to the care of TCB.